In Depth Night

So for In Depth night what I plan to do is have a station set up, where I show off my completed costume.  Mostly completed, that is.  What I intend is to have all my costume except for maybe one boot completed at my station.  Yes, you heard me, incomplete costume.  What I plan on doing is while I am presenting my costume, work on part of it to show people the process of putting together a costume.  That way not only do they see the product, but they see how it is made.  Along with the whole costume part, I’ll probably be playing some inspiring tunes that helped me through the process, and some of my drawings for display.

To fit my display, a big lemonade style booth will be set up with different textures and images to fit my display.  Since my costume is a Northern-Scandinavian themed costume, I want my booth to look like it is made of ice, or snow, or some kind of theme to fit my design.  Maybe the booth part will be like fake ice/snow, and celtic wooden poles will rise up and around in an arch to complete the look.  All in all it will be a truly artistic experience to anyone who visits.  They will learn how a costume is made just by seeing me working on it, glancing at my sketches, and be struck by awe at the whole presentation.  Anything they wish to ask can be cleared up in person.  Since they may be afraid to ask any questions if I am focusing all my attention on making the boot, and since I want my boot making to last the whole In-Depth night, I might just only pretend to make it, and focus my attention to my viewers.

So this is pretty much what I am going to do for In-Depth night.

One thought on “In Depth Night

  1. David:
    What a creative, interactive way to present your project. Did you take photos during the process of the construction of the finished parts of the costume?

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